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 Anyway we can lend a hand?

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[Reaper] Pahl Stearns

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PostSubject: Anyway we can lend a hand?   Sat Jun 06, 2009 10:45 am

Deb, I'm not a reaper, and not with Hells Gate, but this person in the Killer Clowns is BRUTALIZING one of my mafia, and I do need help.
He is over lvl 1000, and I have no means to take him out myself.

He has repeatedly REPEATEDLY attacked my friend Annie, who is barely a lvl 200. Annie is a SWEET girl. She has severe medical problems, and plays the game for fun, and never bullies anyone ever. She is so upset.

Could you please post this link to your groups wall?


Please let me know, ok?
I went to the Killer Clowns group wall. Annie had respectfully asked them to stop attacking and robbing her. She was cruelly treated by them in response.

Thanks, Deb...I appreciate anything you can do to help
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Anyway we can lend a hand?
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